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Veda Consulting - is one of the largest law firms in Belarus.

The Company staff comprises lawyers having great working experience in FMCG, diversified holding companies, investment companies, construction and law firms. Veda Consulting is a recommended  firm by Legalsfinest in the following areas: Tax Planning.

We have among our clients such business giants as "Alpha-Distribution" - one of the largest distribution companies in Belarus, importer and wholesale supplier of food. We provide legal assistance of a range of construction and investment projects, including the construction of a food supermarkets network.

We face our clients basing on the following principles.


1. Speed.

We keep staff of lawyers that allows to provide assistance to any extent really fast.

We understand high importance of urgency for any client obtaining legal support. Large staff of professionals, teamwork practices and high professionalism allow us to maximize the efficiency of solving the clients’ problems.


2. We know the inner side of business.

There is no secret that the main disadvantage of legal services rendered in Belarus is that law firms often see only the superficial part of the project and do not pay any attention to all the nuances of its implementation. As consequence the clients may face difficulties in implementation of the projects up to the impossibility or uselessness of bringing them to life. We understand how important is to see the whole iceberg, not just its top.


3. Standard-based quality.

We rely on the following standards of legal assistance:

  • complex solution of any problem – we consider any legal opinion, not taking into account tax, accounting, financial and management aspects, to be worth nothing;
  • communication with any client in his "language";
  • focus on results. We do not sell customer the "process" of service delivery. Nothing but the result has a price.


4. Customer-oriented approach.

We see the world through the eyes of the customer. We want our clients to receive the very results they want!

We are not afraid of new and challenging projects, we provide a creative approach to solving our clients challenges and we propose concrete solutions.


5. A full range of legal services.

Law company "Veda Consulting" offers a full range of legal support of starting up and operation of Your business, as well as to provide other related services necessary to realize Your project.

Veda Consulting - is more than just a law firm. Our services are investment in your business.